1.1 The rules of endurance racing that are “generally” defined by recognized organizations such as SCCA, NASA, IMSA, etc. apply. The exception would be any rules superseded by this document and/or any supplemental rules per event.

1.2 Every team must appoint or designate a person who will be responsible for that team.  That person must be registered, on the entry form, as the “TEAM REPRESENTATIVE.”  The “TEAM REPRESENTATIVE” is responsible for ALL actions conducted by any/all personnel associated with their team.  The “TEAM REPRESENTATIVE” will be the spokesperson for that team and will be the ONLY person recognized as such by ERS and its staff.  ANY/ALL matters, be it written or spoken, will be conducted with the “TEAM REPRESENTATIVE” ONLY and ERS and/or its staff.

1.3 Sound level dB = Maximum 98dB (STRICKLY ENFORCED)

1.4 Tire rule: Any DOT approved street tires with tread wear 180 and above are accepted.