Endurance racing created by racers for racers. The people who have been introduced to endurance racing find it a more enjoyable form of racing because of the "less aggressive" philosophy "to finish first you must first finish!" Endurance racing levels the “playing field” across varied classes to compete for an overall win.  It’s rarely the fastest cars but rather the best prepared car and drivers, coupled with strategy, who achieve Podium finishes in endurance racing.

At ERS our mission is simple - to offer the safest, most fun, wheel to wheel competition at the lowest cost possible ($850.00) per Team.  To accomplish this, the series will be held at one track, Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP), and on a one day schedule (usually on a Saturday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM).  A one (1) hour “sprint” race (at the start of each Enduro) is also offered for $325.00 per event. Please see Race formats for details.

In an effort to achieve this, the field is open to any closed wheel race prepped cars.  Cars will be classed in our unique single day race format with points awarded for fastest lap in each class.  Overall points will be awarded in each class and trophies presented to the top three in each class.  Series Championship  rewards will go to each winning team in class at year’s end. Teams MUST compete in 3 of 4 ENDURANCE RACERS SERIES events to receive Championship points/rewards.  Please see “point system” for more details.


Endurance racing provides the most continuous “seat time” in all of road racing.  Multiple Stints of 2-3 hours are common.  What better way to learn your car and hone your driving skills?

  • Share car and event costs among your teammates.
  • Share data and your car’s handling characteristics throughout your stint with fellow drivers.
  • Learn changes in car handling characteristics involving fuel load, tire wear, track condition, etc.
  • Camaraderie with teammates and team building.
  • Shared work load with teammates and crew.